IELTS Preparation in Singapore

Get IELTS Tuition and Preparation with an experienced private IELTS Tutor.

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IELTS Preparation Classes in Singapore

Jonathan, who teaches IELTS in Singapore, has been teaching English since 2003 and IELTS since 2008.

Over the past 5 years, he's taught English in Singapore, China, Australia, Canada and Colombia.

You can go to Student Testimonials to read about the effectiveness of his teaching and his dedication to his students.

Jonathan's Experience

- Taught ESL since: 2003 - over 10 years of experience

- Taught in Singapore, Australia, Canada, China and Colombia

- Taught English in various private schools in Singapore

Jonathan's Qualifications

- Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Politics and International Relations from University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia

- Halfway through Master of Education (English Teaching)

- University of Cambridge CELTA (English Teaching) qualification

Full-Time IELTS Tuition

Unlike many English tutors around, Jonathan specializes in teaching IELTS. Because of this, he's had a lot of experience preparing students for the exam. He's probably Singapore's only full-time IELTS tutor.


Jonathan compiles student testimonials of those he's helped - and he's helped many students get their score of 6.0+ and 7.0+. When you contact him, he'll send you a pdf of all his student testimonials (over 40 in the past two years).

Nationalities Taught

Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Kazakhstan, Ukrainian, French, Colombian, etc.

Introduction to my IELTS teaching

One thing you’ll need to note is that the IELTS exam is a specialized teaching area. Not every English teacher will be able to help you. The teacher needs to be familiar with the syllabus, the expectations and the strategies and skills needed to approach the IELTS exam. It’s probably not worth paying more for private IELTS tuition if your tutor isn’t familiar with the IELTS exam.

For me, I decided to specialize in teaching IELTS simply because I believe specializing in one area will make me a better teacher. And I want to be the best teacher I can to IELTS students.

Go to My IELTS Teaching to find out more about my teaching. You can also go to Why Private Tuition to find out why serious IELTS students should take Private Tuition instead of learning in big classes.